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02-01-2010, 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Hi everyone,

We've been seeing a lot of reports of players missing Bridge Officers granted as rewards for leveling up, or as mission rewards. We know that finding these for some players can be confusing, so, I wanted to post where you should look for your Bridge Officer before you file a bug report.

Once you have completed the quest, and received your Bridge Officer, Open Your Assignments Window, and you should see on the right side of that window a column called "Bridge Officer Candidates". And Bridge Officers requesting to join your crew can be found there.

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Simply Click on the officer requesting to join your crew and they will ask if you wish them to join up, or if you prefer using them to train an existing member of your crew.

On the other hand, should your Bridge Officer not be there, please file a bug report and include as much information as you can. How did you get this missing candidate? Was it from a mission? What time did it happen? Where were you when you turned in the quest? All of this information will help us to solve the problem quickly.


It's not that people are not able to find it on the assignment tab it's that you don't get them at all. This happens with Items and everything else. I've lost a couple of BO's, kits, armor's and luckly haven't lost any of the good ship stuff and is not isolated to just bridge officers. Any mission that gives a selectable reward is buggy in that there is a change you will not get the reward and doesn't matter if you are in sector, regular space or ground.

Don't remember at this time if you can accept a quest without selecting a reward but i though it was possible and the game might not be registering people clicking a selection because of lag before they accept but can't 100% verify this. Though i have started clicking my reward a bunch of times waiting a couple seconds doing it again and seems to be working for me though i still have 2 things since doing this.