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Join Date: Jan 2010 Guide: Science Space Skills and Bonus Stats

The Info below is a list of all the Bridge Officer Science abilities and bonus stats granted by your deflector and Science Consoles. I have tested and found no difference in adding bonus stats to the more specialized skills vs. adding stats into the more general categorys. As in all skills, training your Bridge Officer from the starting level of 1 to 9, only serves to reduce the cooldown of the ability. However adding the appropriate skill bonuses will, in general increase either the duration of, or power of your abilities. I hope this guide will help you to make the right decisions for your setup.

The abilities below list the starting rank of that skill, higher ranked skills (i.e. Tachyon Beam II Lieutenant) will sometimes increase effectiveness in the same way as adding the related attributes. The system the ability uses determines the bonuses you need to make them more effective, so the below skills are categorized into systems then listed by the Bridge Officer rank required for Level I

StarShip Deflectors
Below categories in red receive bonuses from the Starship Deflectors Skill unless noted

System Starship Deflector
Tykons Rift / Lieutenant / creates a spatial anomaly at the target's location that drains power from all nearby hostile ships and causes minor damage, Auxilary Power setting has a huge affect on this skill. The power drain is on the actual power level not the setting. In PvP this will be brutal on those who aren't very balanced. It is only effected by the starship deflector skill (and I assume Spatial anomaly) and not deflector dish as in it's description

System Deflector Dish
Tachyon Beam / Ensign / Drains the targets shields. Bonuses to this skill increase the amount of shields drained per cycle. Your Auxiliary power has a huge effect on the amount of shields drained. On a side note the deflector named "Tachyon Deflector Array +X sensors +X sensor array" does absolutly nothing for the Tachyon Beam
Energy Siphon / Lieutenant / draws power from the target. This reduces the target's power settings to all systems and increases your power settings. Bonuses make this effect last longer but not by much expect around -9 to enemy +9 to yourself for around 15 seconds. Aux Power has no effect
Gravity Well / Lt. Commander / creates a spatial anomaly at the target's location that draws enemies to its center and gradually crushes their ships, inflicting kinetic damage. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage.

System Deflector Field
Science Team / Ensign / Instant shield repair, Temporary bonus to Starship Operations Training, shield resist bonus.
Transfer Shield Strength / Ensign / uses power reserves to bolster an ally's shields, increasing their current shield strength. This skill depends a lot on Aux Power level and sees good improvments from skills makeing it a decent skill, but if you aren't running high aux power Don't bother with this one.
Feedback Pulse / Lieutenant / Feedback Pulse harnesses the energy of beam weapon attacks directed against you. Each time you are hit, a damaging pulse is directed at the attacking ship. not sure if this one is affected by aux/bonuses possibly it increases the feedback damage, either way its active for 15 seconds with the standard 1min 25sec cooldown at level 1
Dampening Field /Lt. Commander / Dampening Field creates a field that debuffs the energy damage of all foes within its effect.

StarShip Emitters
Below categories in blue receive bonuses from the Starship Emitters Skill unless noted

System Starship Emitter
Photonic Officer / Lieutenant / reduces the recharge time of bridge officer powers. Maybe this one is intended to work along with some long cooldown higher level ability but I can not get it to work with any of the available skills. the description was giving me about a 25% cooldown reduction but the skill itself has a 10 minute cooldown and is active for 90 seconds (again mine never fired off at all) might want to avoid this one.
Photonic Shockwave / Lt. Commander / releases a massive PBAOE blast, knocking back enemy ships and inflicting kinetic damage. For me about 2.8k range

System Hazard
Polarize Hull / Ensign / provides Damage resistance to energy attacks for its duration, and instantly ends all tractor beams on you and provides resistance to tractor attempts for a short time. Usefull for PvP maybe as tractor beams can be brutal. The resists are decent, but I wouldn't use this unless you were for sure going to run into tractor beams regularly. ~Shares a timer with Hazard Emitters
Hazard Emitters / Ensign / cleanse the ship of any fire or radiation hazards as well as restoring some hull strength over time. Seems like a great skill particularly for escorts or cruisers. This one gives a great hull repair over time and good resists (over30%) for around 15 seconds. Bonuses increase the duration but not by much. Also Aux power seems unimportant here which is why it will work great for ships running higher weapons/defense. ~Shares a cooldown with Polarize Hull so they won't stack

System Tractor
Tractor Beam / System:Tractor / Ensign / Tractor Beam slows the target ship, thereby making it an easier target for weapons Targets held in a tractor Beam. Good skill. Aux power has an effect, as do bonus skills. Without any aux or bonus skills it wont hold them in the beam long enough to be worth it but with some bonus items it will hold your enemy in place long enough even on a low aux setting. no hard numbers are shown on the time it holds them but bonuses definatly make it longer.
Tractor Beam Repulsors / System:Tractor / Lieutenant / Push up to 3 enemies (dead or alive) away from your starship. This one seems very weak to me

StarShip Sensors
Below categories in green receive bonuses from the Starship Sensors Skill unless noted

System Sensor Array
Mask Energy Signature / Ensign / shields the energy output of your starship making it more difficult for enemies to detect you. The amount that this ability reduces your detected range cannot be understated. With enough aux power its just as good as a cloak. Aux power improves this. Cannot be cast in combat. Toggle.
Jam Sensors / Ensign / prevents the enemy from targeting you. What this skill does is prevent the enemy from detecting you with his sensors during the debuff. You can take damage from invisible hostiles if they use this on you. If you are hit with this ability the user INSTANTLY DISAPPEARS. Limited PvE use.
Charged Particle Burst / Lieutenant /Charged Particle Burst temporarily disables the cloaking device of nearby hostile ships and damages their shields. Disabling every cloak within 5k of you. It is situational. Damage scales well with aux and sensor upgrades, does not dmg hull. 25 second CD with lvl9 BO skill. Duration of anti cloak debuff scales with sensor stats.

System Sensor Probes
Scramble Sensors( a.k.a. Jam Targeting Sensor) / Lieutenant/ fires a probe at the target that bursts causing the target and nearby enemies to target each other. Great PvE skill not only do the enemies target each other they start blasting away. The aoe radius depends on the size of the target. Inexperienced and ignorant players will not recognize this ability and what it does to their HUD. It causes everyone to change to a light blue and disables all safeties allowing you to shoot friends and heal enemies with relative ease.
Viral Matrix / Lt. Commander / launches a probe that flies to the target and then shuts down its systems, effectively holding it in place. The target is highly resistant to holds for a short duration after this effect expires.

The Skills below can be trained on your main character at the rank specified. They can also be increased independent of your rank by Deflector Dishes and Science Consoles.

Starship Operations Training / Lieutenant / All Science Skills

These first 3 skills effect more than one system as noted/color coded.
Starship Deflectors / Lt. Commander / Deflector Dish and Deflector Field skills
Starship Emitters / Lt. Commander / Emitter System, Tractor System, and Hazard System skills
Starship Sensors / Lt. Commander / Sensor Array, and Sensor Probe skills

The following 6 skills effect a single system of skills and provide a bonus to only those systems named (of the same exact color)
Starship Deflector Dish / Commander / Deflector Dish Abilities / Unlocks Train Tachyon Beam III
Starship Sensor Array / Commander / Sensor Array Abilities / Unlocks Train Jam Sensors III
Starship Tractor Beam / Commander / Tractor Beam Abilities/ Unlocks Train Tractor Beam III
Starship Deflector Field / Captain / Deflector Field Abilities / Unlocks Train Feedback Pulse III
Starship Hazard System / Captain / Hazard System Abilities / Unlocks Train Hazard Emitters III
Starship Sensor Probes / Captain / Sensor Probe Abilities / Unlocks Train Scramble Sensors III

The admiral skills below seem to effect only a couple of more advanced skills each.
Astrometrics / Admiral / Charged Particle Burst Ability/ Unlocks Train Charged Particle Burst III
Photonic Theory / Admiral / Photonic Shock Wave, Photonic Officer, and Photonic Fleet (main only) Abilities/ Unlocks Train Photonic Shockwave III
Spatial Anomaly / Admiral / Tyken's Rift and Gravity Well Abilities / Unlocks Train Gravity Well III