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02-01-2010, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by jtw1n View Post
I have to say right now the whole pvp experence feels like a grind most of the time. The rewards for being tatical and working to win isn't there. Sure klingons could divebomb and recloke and wait for their hulls to restore and repeat but its not worth the time spent most of the time to do this. When you spend 2-5 times as long to get a win that is only worth 50-100% more than a loss where is the long term motivation? Its never fun to play chase the feds around the station in ground pvp for a half hour. Why not add a 5-10 min timer to pvp and make it whoever has the best score wins so you arn't forced to zerg to win.
That wouldn't work in space due to cloak. For ground though maybe that'd be cool.