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02-01-2010, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
Wow runs smooth on almost anything because it's designed on an outdated 10 year old engine. It cant even run in 32 bit color.

This game has modern tech so you need a modern computer to lay it. The 8400 you have is not a gaming card. It is a video playback card. It also has ddr2 ram which is terrible for gaming.

If you get a modern computer, even a dual core machine with a 8600 GT ddr3 you would notice the difference.
looks like its time for you to either upgrade or head back to wow
I have more than adequate hardware, with an 8800GT and a triple core Phenom II running at 3.5ghz, but I think the point is the game's graphics do not justify the performance issues we are facing. WoW is a beautiful game, EVE is a beautiful game, both run perfectly on my machine. Hell even ME2 is maxed out and runs well. The problem is STO is not meant to be demanding, and Cryptic needs to address the issues we are experiencing. I'm a patient person and will gladly play STO for as long as it satisfies me, but lag, rubber banding, skipped frames, and choppy audio really takes away from this game. Either way, I want to see either vastly better effects, or smooth gameplay.