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02-01-2010, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by SpaghettiMonster
You act like waiting for your team to fill for 4+ minutes isn't just as annoying? Or having a full fed team give you crap because you won't decloak and die for them to get XP? It's not griefing to care about a fair fight. The problem isn't cloak, it's the crappy Queue system. Don't nerf us when you don't have to.

This is a troll thread, through and through, and you expect me to have sympathy for these vapid idiots because they were "griefed". I have a feeling they were the ones doing the griefing and only come here to whine that Klingons care about having a fair fight, because all they care about is speed grinding XP.
nowhere in my comments did I say anything about starting out and cloaking, although I should have clarified it there is nothing wrong with that per-say as opposed to suddenly stopping all confrontation completely (with roughly even teams). one is waiting for a fair team while the other is plain and simple griefing.

Klingons have cloak because it's star trek lore, and because they have cloak the balance is that they have less hull and shields, no science ship, and one ship that's a handicapped jack of all trades (that can be powerful if used correctly but still made of tissue).

It's not circular reasoning, it's just that those are the reasons plain and simple.
It's from a balance perspective that its circular reasoning. taking away any star trek flavor or lore its plain as day that because cloaking exists that they have to have weaker shields/hulls. and since they have weaker shields/hulls they have a compensation for that in cloaking, which in turn is the reason that they have gimped ships in the first place. I could make twenty sentences of it flowing back and forth over and over again, but the simple answer is that one of them needs to be altered in such a way to break the loop.