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02-01-2010, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by castout85 View Post
Just forget it, im done trying to make constructive posts.
I agree with your ideas and like them, and thought that most of the responses were positive with a little levity. I hope you continue to write more posts like the one you did. One or two criticisms or opposing posts shouldn't be a reason for you to not do so.

I like the orbit idea. The only drawback is that currently everything but ships is stationary. Nothing moves in STO's space. Everything is stuck in some kind of invisible jello. Eh, it's the best the technology allows, but I can understand why there's no orbiting feature. Still, if they added it in, I would probably use it. As it is, I just stop my ship and sit still with all the rocks and space junk.

STO does lack that immersion feel. It's still more of an arcade game than I would initially prefer for a Star Trek title, but it's still fun anyways.