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02-01-2010, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by oblongship View Post
I find it funny how you think you can speak on behalf of me because frankly you can't. I am not going anywhere and I welcome the queues.

You people complained so much when there was no queue and then they actually put one in and now you complain about that.

Would you want to play on a server with no queues and it? The lag and server stability would be even worse than it is now.

Please think before you speak honestly, you don't know what everyone is thinking and you can't make threats on behalf of people like me who are just fine with it.
unless of course they don't cut costs and spend some of our money on decent hardware...but I guess that isn't an option for the excusers around here. seriously people. the OP made a very short and to the point statement with no whining or ranting yet you trolls (see anyone can be called a troll, it isn't some trump card) anyway, you trolls insist on blindly flaming anyone who points out valid concerns.

He wasn't making a threat, he was saying they will lose customers, which is true and is a death sentence for an MMO in the very competitive market of today. If you really cared about seeing this game grow and succeed you would be saying the same thing as the OP. This isn't 10 years ago where an MMO can be a complete turd for it's first two years and still make it, they have a tiny sliver of time in which to make it or break and unless they learn from the failures of CO and just expect to have the next couple years to fix things this will bomb and you won't have a game to mindlessly defend.