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# 19 Good Ideas man
02-01-2010, 07:54 PM
Ive thought of the 'first person' view a lot as well. I like battling it it out against an epic number of ships, and zooming in to watch the U.S.S. Redonkulous Kick ass and phaser it up. It adds a lil' sugar to my experience. What I thought would be cool, was if you could:

1. PLAYER TO PLAYER INSPECTIONS; How come if I want to look at another players ship, I have to pilot my shiz up to them and try to zoom in, hoping they dont warp away.... Kinda like EVE online has, a little icon that looks like an Eye ball, so you could get an enemies POV as you kick theyre butt. Or Admire someone elses bad@%& ship.

2. EPIC ANGLES ON YOUR ACTIVE SHIP, while you fight; like a cinematic panning camera, mounted by a weapon, tracking the turrets targets? awesome right? Ir maybe an Aft-to-Forefront Camera, looking right over the back of your ship? I think that would make the game seem more personal, like youre piloting the ship.

3. PILOT VIEW, like being inside the bridge, like the orig. post mentioned, or a window view of whats going on outside, like youre inside the saucer of the ship, looking out at a battle. Homeworld CATACLYSM Had a good camera function like that. You could right click a ship, select View>Pilots view. And it would show a first person front mounted camera, (nothing fancy, just a blank screen, matching the ships movement, mounted in front of the guns so you could see them streaming by. It was tight, and seems easy. If Cryptic can make the camera smoothly zoom into the ground troops when they hit C, Making a first person view should be easy. Even if it was a view of the Viewscreen in the bridge, showing you a camera 2 inches off the hull.

BUT THE GAMES AWESOME. Im not knockin it. WoW is a great game in the level progression aspect of MMOs, but its damn boring. For all those people who complain about server downage and complain about cancelling, get another hobby. Helps server downtime pass awesomely. Plus, theres no way they could let a game like this with a fan base so big be a failure. Just cant. GJGUYS