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# 1 Two looking for a fleet.
02-01-2010, 08:25 PM
So, I'm posting this because me and a friend are looking for a fleet.

First,, a bit about us: We're both adults, we both have lives out of game. We might at times put in 5 hours a night, but some nights we might not even be on. Others we might only be around for a half hour or 45 mins at best. We'll never know and it depends entirely on the day itself.

We're both long time MMO players, both of us have played ***, SWG and WoW, to name a few. We don't mind PVP and might even enjoy it, we don't mind raiding, we might even enjoy it here. But with all things, we'd stress moderation. We'd even enjoy a light RP enviroment, perhaps.

What we don't want is to be asked to commit to mandatory guild meetings, or anything of the sort. We're looking for a not-too-serious casual enviroment with a group of like minded people who just want to have fun. No drama, no BS, none of that.

Either post here or send me a PM on the forums or ingame with details, and we can chat.