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Originally Posted by Rabidfish View Post
They could do worse than to look at the ship designs in BOTF. There were cruisers of various sizes but also small destroyers, similar to those seen in "Sacrifice of Angels". (Look a bit like those weird fossils) Also their hulls tended to be stronger and their shields weaker than average.

As far as the Cardassians as a people go... welll we know that prior to STO they had a massive military budget which accounts for the strength of their military. Also the Obsidian Order is more than capable of influencing military events through sabotage and espionage. They don't just interrogate, the also assassinate.

And let us not forget that Cardassia definately does have scientists, 2 of them appear on DS9 early on. But I believe they themselves said that science is a low priority for Cardassia.

I dont think they should be better engineers though as according to one of the scientists MEN dont usually make good engineers. So unless you are playing a female Cardassian your engineering will suck!

EDIT: See DS9 Series 3 Episode 15 "Destiny"
I disagree...both made excellent engineers, but just like humans had the perception that housework was women's jobs...The Cardassians felt that Engineers were women's work...there were male engineers and quite good...but the perception was a powerful one.

As for the game though. If Cryptic's formula holds true and Tactical officers will fly escorts, Engineers in cruisers, and Science in Science vessels...The Galor and Keldon certainly do not fall under Science or Escorts....So I figured they would be Cruisers (large ships, less maneuverable, large crews, multiple weapons).

I know what the TV series portrayed, actually I'm trying to translate it into GAME terms... when the patch comes out, will this faction be more like the Federation with a focus on PvE and PvP equally? or more like the Klingons where PvP is everything? Will tactical officers be capable of flying a Galor or Keldon or an Engineer a better command choice? What catagory will those ships fall under?

Canon is only going to go so far, but then the accuracy is going to trail off. And admit it or not, the Romulan and Cardassian cultures are practically unknown (very little was ever developed) and this is why I think the two species were left out of launch, it will take an enormous effort to build cultures for each..apart from the limited information we already have.