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Greetings all.

The House of Sent'nel, The Klingon arm of "The Sentinels" is currently offering memberships to mature and
dedicated players that are looking for a Honorable and Enjoyable game experience in STO.

We are looking for players 18 years+ with a good attitude to join us, People who enjoy fair and fierce competition.

Please read the description of our community below, And if interested feel free to apply HERE.

See you all in Game

General, House of Sent'nel

Strength and Honor

The Sentinels

The Sentinels are a multi MMO guild that currently has successful Divisions in Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, DarkFall, and ****. Through the several games we are currently supporting and those we will support in the future we have gained a membership interest in Star Trek Online which will ensure a success campaign.

Our goals are simple, to create a player base where we can roll into different MMO’s without sacrificing the friendships we’ve made in the past. I think most online gamers have friends which they have lost contact with because of leaving for a new game and joining a new guild. Games are meant to be fun, and the best way we can do that is by maintaining the relationships we’ve had with others and by creating a larger forum based community where you may have never gamed with a certain individual but have known them for an extended period already. It is with this spirit in mind that we intend to move into any MMO which our membership can support with the proper leadership available to make it viable.

While some guilds brag that there leadership ranks are near impossible to break into, The Sentinels offer the opportunity for advancement to anyone who shows the maturity, determination, and natural ability to lead. Those that believe they have these skills can apply for promotion once they have become a full member, where they will be assigned a responsibility, given a tutorial into how the guild works and promoted to the Senate. Here the member will be evaluated on their future leadership potential and if a position arises where they have proven themselves to be worthy of officer status they will subject to a vote amongst their peers.

In StarTrek Online, the Sentinels will be focusing on PvE as well as PvP; we intend to broaden our horizons with some light RP events (RP will not be mandatory unless it is incorporated into guild meetings at that time, here a member will be asked to at least participate in the event)

Important Details:

* Are you tired of guild hopping through MMO's? The Sentinels currently have a roster of hundreds of active members spanning across multiple games; We are seeking member's who are dedicated to the entire community and wish to game with the same group of friends throughout their online gaming career.
* Applicants must register on our forums and submit an application
* Must be 18+ years
* We have large Ventrilo server that we utilize for voice comm's for all our divisions, Ventrilo is encouraged but not mandatory with the exception of large group activities I.E. Raids and such where you just need to listen and take direction effectively.

The Mission & Values of the Sentinels

The Sentinels are a Brother and Sisterhood of mature adults aged 18+, united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience. As such, casual/hard core; PvP/PvE; Role Players/non-Role Players; Crafters/non-Crafters all have a place among us.

Honorable and Courteous to Fellows: Being a mature guild, we demand that all our members treat each other in an honorable, courteous, and respectful manner at all times. While we acknowledge that human relations are never perfect, and that tensions between members will arise from time-to-time, we would prefer that any conflicts are handled at the lowest possible level, with officer intervention only when all other options have been exhausted. Also, we will not tolerate any "unnecessary drama" from our members: while we will always strive to protect the rights of our individual members, we will not allow any single person to hinder the enjoyment of the collective guild.

Honorable Reputation: The Sentinels have the intention of creating an honorable reputation among all of our communities and therefore will not tolerate camping and griefing of people who have not deserved such a fate. We will make it our goal to be the guild that those who share our values will want to align themselves with; while those that do not share our values will make us their number one target.

Dedicated to Fun: The Sentinels above all, want to keep the game what it is intended for: fun. Guilds, rules, and structure are an added element which serve to enhance the game play of people; but when being part of a guild becomes laborious; when it starts to feel more like a 2nd job then it's no longer fun anymore. Our goal is to create & maintain such a structure that we are able to keep the fun in the guild while avoiding over-zealous, senseless rules that serve no real purpose.

Fairness & Equality: We are dedicated to maintaining fairness & equality within the guild ranks. We pledge to always strive to place the right person into the right positions, no unearned privilege will be given to those undeserving just because "they were friends with the officers."

The Sentinels are dedicated to the cause of professionalism and creating an environment that will foster great relations; to cooperation with allies, honorable treatment of neutrals, and merciless treatment of enemies. A guild exists to serve its membership, and its officers will hold the highest standards and unwavering dedication to the service of its membership.