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The 1st Fleet is a light to medium role playing fleet looking for casual players while immersing ourselves in the Star Trek universe. All races and classes are welcome. When we can we try to speak in character while putting out of character messages in double parenthesis. ((like this)). We also require our members to have Trek appropriate captain and ship names. So no Captain Vaders of the USS Deathstar or Captian Kangarooo of the USS Hopper, ect.

Contact me in game through mail or a private message if intrested. Trask@Dubwas is the character I am currently playing. I will also check this thread and try to contact you personally If I can.

The 1st Fleet is just that. A fleet of ships assigned to carry out missions for Starfleet Command, explore the galaxy and safeguard the citizens of the Federation.

Live long and prosper-Fleet Admiral Trask of Vulcan-1st Fleet