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02-01-2010, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by Captain.Natanel.Anatea
Mr Binker, THANK YOU for finding those youtube videos. That is EXACTLY what I was hoping to see!! My mouth is watering already
I know the technical specs are all the same but sometimes I wanna drive a car that looks just as good as it runs.
I have miniature models of the Connie, Galaxy, Defiant, Voyager and Sovereign and even though Im a Tactical, those are the ships I will be flying, and I will gladly add a star cruiser to that list.

Now my next question is how does one get that much energy? Can I sell the ships I don't want?

THANK YOU ALL for your responses.

Everytime you level you get a free "ship token" to use on your first ship. So each first choice will essentially be free, and then after that you have to pay for the other ships.

As for getting EC, the best way is honestly PvP, unless you wanna play the exchange and have time to find stuff.

And like I said, the Star Cruisers look like surf boards with nacelles. ;p