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02-01-2010, 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by Justice_Omega
Persoanlly I use 70/70/30/30 on my cruisers, with a combat impulse engine equipped for better handling at low power. As others have said before you should use evasive maneuvers to get away as long as you aren't stuck on the other ship. When all else fails, use brace for impact, which you will get soon after Lt Cmdr 3. This will help you weather the explosion much better. Also, I'm curious as to your auxiliary setting being that high, do you use the Aux. to (x) abilities on your BO's?
No, my bridge officers have High Yield I, Emergency Power to Shields, and Jam Sensors I.

I set my auxiliary so high because without it I can never turn fast enough to face the ship to fire my torpedoes because the other ships move too fast out of my range.