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02-02-2010, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by effreem View Post
Anyone who says mines are useful in PVP is an idiot. Mines do NOTHING to a shielded opponent and if your opponent doesnt have shields, you are better off with a torp since it will go to the target and does not require the opponent to be a fing idiot.

Mines will follow a cloaked enemy who is close enough to activate them...but they only active at close range and we tend to sit farther away when cloaked, we arent idiots (most of us anyway.)

In ANY pvp situation where mines COULD be useful...a torp launcher would be much more useful.

All of you feds who create huge deathstars of mines are just gimping yourselves.
I did see a fed turtle full of mines just nuke the hell out of 6 klingons. If you put the skill points in the right spot, quantum mines can mess people up. Shields drop or one hits you at the wrong time and you are toast in pvp.

Also mines target high yield torpedoes. A mine can be used on anything that can be targeted.