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Does anyone else see the issue with this?

In the Options you can edit the keys for 1 through = for the bar options. But in game you only get 8 in space, unless you like hitting Ctrl or Alt.

It would be nice to get a full Action bar for BOTH enviroments and the ability to have some on the side wall, all along the bottom as well i.e. the common user interface that WoW, ****, and EQ employ. By LtCmd i'm running out of places to put my skills, BO Skills, and weapons, to say the least about batteries.

Also having the ability to map a second set of controlls to a Playstation/X-box style controler for the PC would make flying SO much more enjoyable. As it is i'm hanging on my mouse and pulling left and right to manuver. Fun but it could be SO MUCH MORE.

Thx for the really cool game though.