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02-02-2010, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
Not good in solo. If you in team and people attack different ships, yes. But 1v1 this skill is a waste. I mean even you damage a shield of 1 enemy and try to shot spread torpedoes at him he may not even get damaged sometimes. This AoE skill has way too wide spread. It is useful only in mass battles like squadron against squadron in PvP, say couple cruisers loaded with torpedo launchers and launch spread from a few ships to support the front lines. maybe then its useful. Like an artillery sorta, other than that its meh. I haven't found any good use to it in 12 levels. Taking ships out 1 by 1 works much faster.
im sorry but solo its a good attack i use both and i can do aoe dmg of each torpedo to all enemies around my main target and really put a hurting to them. while torpedo spread is on CD i can use high yield to finish off anything... its how you use it solo or grouped its all how you use it