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Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
i have no problem flying as an engineer/escort

people went tactical because they are mislead and not enough info is about.

inherently a tactical captain does not do more damage in space.

its all about which skills you put points in and which powers you have/use

i make up for my lack of tankiness by being an engineer and having overall more tanking powers than someone else.

in the end you will have limited BO engineer slots and rank stations but plenty of tactical BO powers.

do the math. so i knew engineer needed a boost in terms of clickable powers so i chose that career.
This is misleading. You can't say tactical doesn't do more damage in space then go on about how much of a tank your engineer is after you go on about the skill system. I realize you're trying to help but this information is off.

Tactical does more damage in space than any other class in the same ship. Alpha pattern is a unique skill and only skill (career specific skills that classes get) that sets them apart from others in terms of damage.
Engineers can shield tank better due to their class specific space skill. Realize that these class specific skills aren't bad on their own but require your bridge officer skills and passives through the skill point system to be as effective as they can be. Engineers in an escort especially low level won't generally have much more survivability than any other class due to the assignment arrangement. Tacticals will have similar issues in a science ship where they will be using abilities that are more support abilities or control in nature.

The only thing different in space between any character is the one unique space skill (class choice) and your choice of skill point spending. Tactical captains can tank in a cruiser or science just as well as an engineer can but they will lack that one single ability. This goes for everyone. It's going to all hinge on your investment of SP and BO skill picks that's pretty much it.

Ground based activities are the only thing in game that drasticallychange between the classes. It's a pretty cut and dry system. Tactical captains are intended to be the tanks science support and engineers are support/dps add. Keep that in mind the holy trinity like in all mmo's remains the same here on the ground.

@OP Escorts are fine for the most part. Cannons plus whatever you like out back and damage mods for what you're using in the tac slots. Keep your weapons up to date if you can with the highest you can get for each tier even if it's white trash loot. Rapid fire one and two and high yield torp skill one two and three. If you get into trouble run away click on engines preset pop an engine battery and hit evasive if it's up and try again.