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# 1 Confused by crafting QQ
02-02-2010, 01:23 AM
I am a bit confused by people moaning about lack of crafting. This is the star trek world.... a world with REPLICATORS! That aside....

There is a form of crafting using the samples. It has different levels of crafting, progression, and the stuff you make can be sold, as can the elements that are used.

Admitidly, it is a single "proffession", which does branch off into differnt specialists, but so what? if you want a game purely for crafting then STO isnt for you, and there is little or no reason to moan about it, and if you are a hardened STO fan who wants crafting... you did notice the comment about Replicators.. you do rememebr them being used ALL THE TIME in Star Trek? Did you honestly expect STO to have major crafting bearing all this in mind?