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02-02-2010, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by DreamGoddessLindsey View Post
I set my auxiliary so high because without it I can never turn fast enough to face the ship to fire my torpedoes because the other ships move too fast out of my range.
Put the torp in the rear slot, not the front one. It is much easier to turn away from something than it is to turn toward them. This will let you put more power into attack, letting you kill things faster as well.

This should also solve your explosion problem, as most of the time, the reason you get hit by ship explosions is due to having your nose pointed at the enemy, leading to you being too close when it goes boom.

Anyway, I rarely get hit by explosions because I'm a broadside cruiser. I don't typically get close enough to get caught in one and, if the risk exists, I'm in a better position to open up distance. If I can't, I'll pop Brace for Impact or just soak it.