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02-02-2010, 02:03 AM
Originally Posted by Elthorion
1 Timezone for US -> check
1 Timezone for EU -> check
Message in Advance -> check
Time estimation -> check
Patch notes -> no

4 out of 5, gooood.

Major improvement in comparison to the last emergency maintenances! *two thumbs up*
The "patch" is for the C-Store. From the devs:

A UI change to the C-Store. It fixes the problem where pre-order items that
could only be claimed once per character were displaying incorrectly in the C-Store.
The items would appear greyed out when they could be claimed, and they were not
greyed out when they could not be claimed(because they had already been claimed
by that character).
So it technically is a patch, but it is nothing you will see. So there isn't really anything to give you notes on.