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02-02-2010, 02:05 AM
Originally Posted by Yashnaheen View Post
Challenging PvE its hard to tell yet. If there ever is any, we don't yet know the nature of it.
Good bet it won't be regen though if grouped. Regen's shield capacity would most likely waste a lot of shield healage from external sources, thereby effectively giving you less regen than you would with a higher capacity shield.

But if you aren't grouped, it'll most likely be regen again, since if the content is challenging, the fight will probably have a longer duration, and that means regen will prevent more damage.

All we can really tell you now is there is no best shield setup for a cruiser. There is only a best shield setup depending on the circumstance you are in.
Yup. And also worth noting that, if you know what you are doing, there's a lot of freedom to play with as well. We aren't being pushed closed to the limit for most content.

Then when you toss in Cap and Reg values on blue shields, so you can go double cap, cap+reg, or double reg), there's a lot of options that nicely pick up from one to the other. Regen(reg, reg) shield to Regen (reg, cap) to Regen (cap, cap) to normal (reg, reg) and so on...

A lot of freedom to find the one that fits best with your playstyle.