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02-02-2010, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by Dunnagh View Post
Letīs be hones: MAIN play time in Europe is about 4pm to 11pm.
And: there is NO TIME at all where all people are content. I find patching in the morning when 95% of all people are either at work or in school VERY convenient.
Then where's the harm in sneaking it back a few hours, it'll make it more convinient for people like myself, moe people are going to play around the middle of the day as appose to early morning.

It's nice to see you're empathetic however, thankyou.

EDIT, this post applies to the post before this too. im saying take it from 3-5am PST to 12-3am PST. Making it 8-11am GMT. Instead of putting it smack back in the middle of our day.