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02-02-2010, 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by lutherd View Post
Just remember, there's no rule saying Cryptic has to offer 24-hours a day server up time for head start... in fact, there's no rule that says there needs to be a head start at all. it was simply a nice thing Cryptic did to say thank you to all the people who bought pre-orders and lifetime subscriptions.

The game doesn't actually start until tonight at midnight. Now, if the servers still go down a few times a day or for hours upon hours at a time, yeah... I'm with ya. But until that time, just remember, it was a freebie. They didn't have to let you play at all, yet!
You do realize that by preordering you provided them with capital which they use to show the business end that the game will be profitable; that is the reason preorders exist.

You are actually doing them quite a favor by committing to the game in pre launch state, a favor that can amount to quite a lot of money for them.

The fact that they offer minor trinkets for that favor, and that those trinkets were not even available in headstart, and that headstart was dysfunctional, is not what I'd call positive.