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02-02-2010, 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by EarlGrey999 View Post
is there a way to report users who are sendingt spam-goldfarming-mails?
StormShade made an annoucement on it here. This is the bit you want:
Originally Posted by StormShade
If someone sends you a PM you can do the same thing. In-game click the question mark (?), request GM Help then select behavior and add the players information for a GM to investigate and take action. Please include as much information as you can regarding the message you received.

Additionally, you can ignore these people both in-game and on the forums. In-game, simply right click on the players name and choose ignore. On the forums, go to the profile of the person who you wish to ignore and select the option to add that player to your ignore list. Your ignore list is the same both in-game, and on the forums, so if you do this in one location, you will not need to do so in the other.
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