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02-02-2010, 02:29 AM
I've got a bit of an interesting thing going on.

I selected the Standard Uniform (the one the NPCs wear) and was planning to use it just to get that feeling of military uniformity. I think it's the Starfleet B 02 uniform. However when I tried, I think it was, Variant 2, it looked a little more dressy, and I really liked it. You might be able to make it out out in my avatar.

It's a red (my career) shirt and sleeps, with light black shoulder, but the collar and sort of "undershirt" looking bit (though it's part of the main jacket I believe) is white. I thought the white was awesome for my Captain, a bit of a sign of his position as Captain (I believe the old Royal Navy uniform allowed a bit more flourish for the Captains).

For my BOs, I use the same uniform as the Captain to keep uniformity, but when I change it to Variant 2 it keeps the same colours as the Variant 1 (default) colours, so the shirt and sleeves are still their career colours (blue/red/gold), but the shoulder and undershirt area are a black.

It makes them look the same as my Captain, except for the tiny difference of the white collar.

I love it, I've kept the "default" feeling but have tweaked and dressed it up a bit, and my Captain, while keeping the standard uniform, has a little touch that distinguishes him, undoubtedly, as the Captain.