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02-02-2010, 02:44 AM
Originally Posted by Dunnagh View Post
Letīs be hones: MAIN play time in Europe is about 4pm to 11pm.
And: there is NO TIME at all where all people are content. I find patching in the morning when 95% of all people are either at work or in school VERY convenient.
In what country, you douche bag???

It's 9pm soon, I just got home, cooked and ate dinner, sit down, oh look server down in 20 minutes. When are most people at work/school at 9pm? It may be very convenient for YOU, but that doesn't mean it is for everyone.

As I said in another thread, Cryptic need to rotate the down times, so everyone shares the burden of them, and not just stick to them us. I can tell you for a fact last night at 9pm, the queues were popping fast and hard, and I was straight out of one game and straight into another, within a 30 seconds to a minute, If that.

So clearly people are playing during this time.

I just want it shared around, instead of eating the short straw every single patch.