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02-02-2010, 03:53 AM
Ok this will either fan the nerd rage or put it out but look at it like this.....

MMO launches, lots of unpredictable down time, key word being UNPREDICTABLE. Can't schedule that.

MMO has be out for a few weeks to months and has it's regularly scheduled downtime once a week for a couple hours. Key phrase there being ONCE A WEEK FOR A FEW HOURS. That's a couple hours one day out of seven. You still have six days and some odd hours to play minus time for work.

To be real I've been hit by this down time to. Gotten home from work itching to play to have the servers go down for a couple hours multiple times. Hell in one night i seem to remember two down times and a restart. Didn't get to play much that night, but no rage here. It's MMO life. Hopefully this put out the nerd rage