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02-02-2010, 02:57 AM
Originally Posted by BorgEmpire

This is such epic fail. I bought the DDE so I can get the TOS MINISKIRTS!!! NO MINISKIRTS.

The Joined Trill is crappy. 2 more traits to choose from. No Efficient Trait to choose from.

I got the DDE from GameStop and NO connie!!! This pure GARBAGE.

This is the worst experience EVER!!!

Cryptic you guys SUCK. Get your crap together. Seriously???

I can only hope my borg bonus item works.

I want a FULL refund on my DDE Gamestop. Everything that I bought it for did not come to past. This is the WORST experience ever for a customer. !!!!

I want my MiniSkirts!!! SERIOUSLY. FOR REAL. NO JOKE. That was the ONLY big seller. (well the Connie too).
When did you get the DDE code? I haven't found anyone else who's gotten their's yet.