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02-02-2010, 02:59 AM
I agree,this really ticks me off.You people can say "If you don't like it go back to WoW" and such,but they WERE promised to us,and I think Cryptic should deliver.And you guys who act like it's some kind of sick fetish to want the TOS skirts really don't get it.Perhaps some of you don't care for TOS as much as us,but anyone who wants to be able to dress up like Uhura,or for those of us that wanted them for RP reasons kind of sucks.

But on the other hand before we all freak out to much I think we should wait and see if Cryptic patches is in later today.

I do understand people buying something, and being upset that it was not delivered, but what I don't understand it this freak out over a game that was just released, I mean if the game didn't actually function that is one thing or it was just plan horrible being another, but honestly a cosmetic effect like a Mini Skirt, The last thing I personally want to see anyways and is even more reason for perverts and pedophiles to play this game.

Originally Posted by Sakonna
Well then why don't you go back to WoW and shut the hell up.

LIttle boy, you are so not worth my time.