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02-02-2010, 03:02 AM
Originally Posted by Slamz
Oh, by the way, the BIGGEST cause of this is in my signature priority list:

You join 3 queues.
You get into 1 match.
You are still in the other 2 queues, but you can't join them nor will you see them pop-up.
Consequently, those other 2 maps will pop up and start without you, waiting 60 seconds to fill your position.
Then it moves to the next person in the queue who is quite possibly in the same boat: playing another map!

This is why these maps can start and take ages to fill up.

The queue system needs to skip over people who are already in another map, or else de-queue once we join a map.
That's one part of it, the other is:

You queue for PvP, it doesn't pop so you go to Kahless - at 6/10 ships the queue appears you have the options 'join' and 'hide'. So you click 'hide'... (the alternative is to get somewhere safe, open the PvP queue list, wait for it to load, scroll down until you find the instance that popped [it isn't flagged afaik], and click 'leave').

Obviously for Klingons that's true for Kahless/Fleet action, for Federation there's a ton of missions you could be involved in.

[needs 3 buttons: 'join', 'will join within 60 seconds', 'will not join']

- the most immediate balance problem of both Space and Ground-PvP is that matches should not start unless the teams are equal.