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02-02-2010, 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by BmcD
It seems like every time I actually manage to find time to play the servers are down for a "short time" while they do some maintenance. Some maintenance/patch that we never know a single thing about. For those of you with kids you know that 2 hours of free time is like an eternity.

So I feel a bit jipped by headstart. Oh, and you can spare me your comments on "this is how MMO's work". It isn't. For the few headstarts that have existed (of which I have been in all), this is the first one where the servers are down more than up.

I am praying that this isn't foreshadowing what's to come. I love the game, when I can play it, but all these "unexpected downtimes" are out of control. It's really starting to bum us ST Fanbois out so I can imagine the effect it will have on new players tomorrow.

Anyone else feeling a little jipped? Someone in a different thread wondered if they would do anything special for all of us that have been so patient during all these downtimes...seems fitting especially for us lifers that put our money and trust where our mouths are.
ummm you feel jipped for a headstart you did not pay for? This was just a couple days of free time. I wouldnt actually feel to jipped lol. And no i didnt say this is how MMO's work but you cant really feel jipped for something you didnt even purchase LOL this thread is fail back of the line