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# 1 Bird of Prey - maneuverability
02-02-2010, 04:11 AM
Well. So far I think ship combat in STO is great - it is not a frantic flight simulator / dogfight., and punching a hole in shields and then launching a bunch of torpedoes through is enormously satisfying.

Except with the bird of prey, it is like steering a bike for the first time. Basically it feels wobbly and turns quite a bit too fast. The fast turning I can live with - but it feels way too wobbly for a starship, it was odd.

I suspect escort ships in general may have that problem, though, not just the B'rel.

On other notes - the klingon uniforms in character creation - lots of options are between 'standard' and some oddish looking descriptors (NPC_Model_Only and similar names) - is that my installation or is that a common problem? That, and almost no ship customization options, etc... not too tempting. Not to mention the female klingons, who has even less variety.

On a related note, I think the developers may have forgotten one big detail:
The 'klingon' fan base community isn't hardcore PvP'ers. It's the nuts who made their own bloody language. There will be plenty of those that want to play klingons and leave in annoyance, I suspect, and no, it's not 'good riddance'.