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02-02-2010, 03:22 AM
Well, I'm hardly an expert, after all, I just now got out of my Miranda, but...a tactic I've been finding useful recently in my Science ship is a combo of tractor beam + mines. Get in close, and right before their facing shield dies, pop your tractor beam and deploy mines. Once the shields drop, fire your torp/s, and the mines should hit at about the same time for a nice chunk of damage. In the fleet actions I've done since figuring out this tactic, I've been behind only Escorts in damage, and not by a ton.

So yeah, I'd say mines can be quite useful if you put a little thought into using them. Not only the obvious traps and whatnot, but in other ways like I did. Combined with a turret in the other rear slot, it allows me to use all four of my weapon slots against a target directly in front of me.