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02-02-2010, 03:25 AM
Hello I am Lieutenant Commander Knightly and Chief Medical Officer of the 17th Tactical Wing.

The 17th Tactical Wing is a highly trained Starfleet unit that focuses on search and rescue operations in hostile territories and behind enemy lines. As the war with the Klingon Empire begins to take it's toll and hostilities with the Romulan Star Empire begin to boil, Starfleet has brought old tactics to a new war.

Having resurrected an old unit from before the birth of the Federation, Starfleet is hoping that MACO training will allow this new breed of Starfleet Officer the ability to go into the most hostile ground environments to save the lives of others. Our primary mission is to find, rescue, and evacuate Federation citizens and Starfleet officers found behind the invisible borders of war.

We are the first to respond to last hopes. We fight to protect those that have not the means to protect themselves, so that others may live.

There are many Fleets out there both fighting and exploring. But what happens if there is no ships in the sector that a downed vessel is or that colony being attacked? Ships and buildings can be replaced but skilled Starfleet personel and civilians cannot.

This is the 17th's role. We are constantly going from one planet to another, system after system, helping or rescuing those that need it. We would love to be exploring, like we all would, but these are the times we live in.

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Yes we are a Role Playing Fleet, and some of us will be doing PvP as well and that will be a personal choice, but first and formost we are a RP Fleet. Those of us on the command staff would call ourselves medium to heavy Roleplayers. So if you are a beginner through to someone who IS Starfleet, you will be welcome.

We want quality over quantity, so that we can give a Star Trek experience that you want to be part of. Those of us on the Command staff have all Role Played together from Champions Online.

So contact either Rian@Caliber17, J.D.@spartan7777 or me, Knightly@Knightly4u if you have any questions about the 17th or simply go to our forums and put in an application in the "Application for Transfer" (This will be the only thing you will have access to to post an application without being a member) and an application to join the fleet. (The transfer is the IC application and the second is so if you are accepted you can then post on the whole forums). When we have received these we will seek you out, or if you are pro-active you can seek us out, and we will have an In Character interview and give our views to our Commander.

So come on and help those of the Federation by saving some lives today. We are not a fleet that has been around for sometime, like some of the others. What we do today is what will put us in the history books and holovids.