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02-02-2010, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by John0901
It will be default blue (in your case) when you create the character, but you can change the color to whatever you want, as well as the combadge symbols (comm, ops, sci, or none).

To answer the inevitable question about armor; when you bind armor to your character, it will show up as blue (in your case) and you cannot edit the armor color, but you can hide it from view by pressing "u", then right clicking the armor slot and selecting "hide from uniform" or similar.

My uniform is also mostly black with red shirt under and gray shoulders. I felt is was evolution from the last uniforms worn in nemesis (and I hate the future uniforms they showed from 2405 in Voyager "Endgame" and TNG "All Good Things"). My BOs have the same, but different colors for their divisions.
But I loved the com bage in the future for All Good Things. I don't remember the voyager episode. Janeway is probably at fault for starting this war. Actually is she considered dead in this game as I think she was killed in one of the books, and Mackenzie is here so I'm assuming they integrated some of that aswell. ????