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02-02-2010, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by DraigUK View Post
Headstart downtime was not bad at all. Great launch of a headstart compared to many.

If you can't live with some hours downtime, yeah your right, maybe you should stop playing.
I don't really call 40 minutes in, we have an hour off, 20 minutes 2 hours later, which isn't bad, but proves stability is a problem, then a 2 hour block of it 2 hours after that one, and I believe there was another while I was asleep, then maintenance at 11 - 1 GMT, which is about the only one in the day I agree with, then a nice 3 hour one later on... Then a downtime last night as well... In total, there's been something like 10 hours... And prodominantly in EU times... An hour, maybe 2 is acceptable in my mind, at say, 11 - 1 GMT, which isn't really doing anyone harm, even on weekends it's acceptable.

I know Eve has an hour a day, which is fine, but when the serves disconnect for fun, and then they whack on 3 hours of downtime... It's a little past it...