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02-02-2010, 03:54 AM
Originally Posted by Aior
Come on.. I am level 32 and there are exactly 32 captain + 1 Rear Admiral.. At this rate we will have 40 Admirals tomorrow night(PST).

It is all we are doing is a few quests for break time

  • Make it so the end boss drops some blue gear. ***Gives people a reason to stay and fight.
  • Make it so the limit is 10 again. 5 is allowing for too many instance switching especially at these higher levels. The 5 was to limit afkers in these instances but that made leveling even faster even after the nerf to exp.
  • Reduce exp gain by 30%

  • Don't make it so we have to kill 40 squads unless you up the amount of people inside to 15 or 20.
  • Dont kill the exp too much or this will be nothing but a waste of space.

All of this should make this zone less exploitable as it is. Keep the 5 minute timmer and make larger zones. Up the difficulty a bit and should be good to go.

Im sorry those of you who are using this place, but both you and I know it needs the hammer.

I am kinda on the fence about this. I do think we are leveling too quickly, but I am not the one setting this rate.
Plus the game is not out yet. I assume the inevitable release day patch will have some fixes and balance passes and all that, so I will reserve judgement.
I'd rather enjoy the experience and take my time with the game. But some people play a game to get to the max level as fast as humanly possible. If that is what they want to do, then I shouldn't stop them. Seeing as this won't affect my gameplay, it doesn't bother me.