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02-02-2010, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by LunaticWoda
Shard = a Game with 1 sever with everything instanced out example Guildwars

EvE is a single server but is not sharded with the exception of a few missions please get your examples correct thanks

Also out of the 10+ years of being a MMO gamer I have never seen a game with such terrible server issues. Maintance comes in 2 forms. Routine stuff reset servers / add a patch. And emergency maintance cause something went wrong. If something is wrong FIX IT dont just put duct tape over it and replug the hole a few hours later again. Someone in the IT department needs to get fired for either **** equipment or just doing a shotty job in general :/
Erm, directly from EVE's own website...

MMORPGs usually place all the players on servers together, usually sharded so only a few thousand players are available to the user. Eve Online is unique in this circumstance as it has a single shard for most of the world, Tranquility, where hundreds of thousands of players are capable of interaction.
Server != Shard
Universes/Worlds = Shard
Multiple Servers (clusters) can host either 1 Shard or Multiple Shards.
Clusters can load balance.