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02-02-2010, 04:07 AM
Originally Posted by ReErebos
Acually by default space combat flavours this way.

Klingons does the following:
* Cloak group up and hides.

Federation does the following:
Groups up and starts to search for the Klingons, the Klingons are hiding and cant be found.

That leaves federation with two two options in searching.
Search while going slow in a group this takes ages so
Federation goes to full impulse and starts searching....
"Idiot players lose at PvP" - is that news?

1) You will NOT find Klingons by looking for them. I have no idea why Fed vessels are scouring the map - if you head straight for us, we fly away. Klingons will find you (although sometimes it takes a lot longer than you'd expect with height/speed problems, we also need to find the other klingons and there's a fairly short visual range).
2) There is no point in going full impulse to anywhere - in all likelihood the Klingons are already right next to him, and the map doesn't really have any useful features... where is he going? what does he hope to find there? A pot of gold with a leprechaun guarding it? Inquiring minds need to know!!

The first rule of space/ground PvP is 'get in a group, stay in a group. If/when you respawn, get back in a group'. True for Klingon and Federation players alike. If you violate that rule, then you're on your own.

Originally Posted by ReErebos
So basiclly federation needs to learn to get organized, and get the proper skills so that there is a chance to outheal/protect vs an alpha strike; else resistance is futile :p
It's really not complicated - and the skills required in T2 are not massive. Until there's a klingon cruiser in T2 you really shouldn't be having problems unless you face a fleet team.

As someone pointed out in a different thread:
"Open beta was a disaster for Klingons in T2, without a cruiser we lost nearly every T2 arena. The only thing to change between open beta and now, is you..."

[although the stupid PvP queue is different, and is absolutely wrecking a large percentage of PvP in T2 - to the exclusive detriment of the Federation team, but that has nothing to do with 'omg cloak' or 'bops from hell' or whatever]