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# 1 Help With Science Build
02-02-2010, 04:10 AM
Ok, I made a science build Klingon character and Im having second thoughts about it. It seems like its much harder to level a Klingon. I couldnt get out of the opening mission where I kept punching one of the warriors and he was healing faster than I could damage him. I probably trained the wrong skill or did something wrong. So maybe you can help tell me what to do.

Im new but it seems like Science is less suited for PVP and yet PvP is the only way you can level a Klingon.

Is it honestly even worth it for a new player to play a Klingon science guy? Do you even need scientists and team players in the empire when you can cloak? Maybe scientists are less valuable when the cloak skill is around?

I dont have the fastest fingers so I like to support others with strong role play and team spirit. I dont pretend to be the best PVP player around the block and Im not exactly a key pounder.

Still, Klingons seem hard and especially so if they arent tactical and designed for PVP.

Some good common sense advice would be helpful.

Thank You and Qapla