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02-02-2010, 05:13 AM

According to that, 500 Cryptic Points = 6.25USD / 6.88CAD / 3.75GBP (plus tax) / 5.44EUR (plus tax) / 32.81DKK (plus tax)

At those rates (just taking USD, GBP, and EUR), 1USD = 0.6GBP = 0.87EUR.

That's not bad for USD to GBP (right now 1USD = 0.63GBP), but, it seems excessively high for EUR. Right now the exchange rate is 1USD = 0.72EUR. And while the exchange rate varies, I don't think it's been that high (0.87EUR) since early 2006 - I don't think the rate has gone above 1USD = 0.80 EUR in the last three years.

Obviously Cryptic don't want to change their pricing that often, but I think there is a legitimate argument for them to re-evaluate the EUR pricing. It does seem disproportionately out of whack.