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02-02-2010, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by Death_Armada View Post
well this has been an interesting topic.

I'm using a Mark3 in the back of my ship and using a Plasma Torp in the front.
Tho i am thinking of replacing the Plasma torp because it doesn't seem be a 50-50 chance for the heavy plasma to do any damage at all.
Only time i see it do massive damage(as in 7k) is when it has traveled a fair distance and most times when it does go it seems to just hang there.

Anyone really like the Plasma torp?
I had my cruiser in Beta as Fore Photon, aft Quantum as Quantum fore and aft shared cooldown while with photon I could be firing them every 3-4 seconds

also running from a ship and dumping quantums onto weakened for shields wasa good way to kill Klingons