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02-02-2010, 05:17 AM
I would have grinded anything really to get to the end game. That is my playstyle, however I can see that it is too fast in my opinion. Like the crystal entity.. if I wanted blues for that level character I would just make an escort and camp it all day getting blues every 5 and a half minutes. It is an issue, but if that is my playstyle I would sure as hell do that.

But the fact is in 2 days the admirals today will be there. Sure it is there choice, but we do not have an option to create a maxed out character do we?

Or if one quest gave 10,000 skill points and was repeatable, but took an hour to do.. so you had to invest some time. People can be admiral in a few hours. How fast can we level a character to 60 pre patch WoW? How about 50 in EQ? GM in all your wanted GM skills in UO?(kinda endless haha)

I am asking, where do you draw the line? Should characters just do one quest and bam they are level 50? Who cares because it is just a level, it does not effect me?

Just because I am doing it doesnt mean I condone how fast it is being done. If it was 30%+ less exp I would still grind it but I would be admiral in a little over a week instead of a little over 3 days.

Playstyle idea is like saying that we should have open PvP and anyone who complains is attacking someones play style. But this directly hits the other player with open pvp unlike level.