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02-02-2010, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by Christopher Lloyd
$3.50 x 1,000,000 players = $3,500,000.

Yup, chicken feed.

Respecs will be $12.50 since that's the price on Champs store. Wouldn't have to have respecs if they stood with the No Skill Point Cap (the game was designed to have no skill cap) but the money was too tempting. I would have gone for the money myself. It ruined the unique concept they had though.

In game memorabilia wil be more than that, and they're sure to have it.

This game will have 3-8 million subscribers in the first month. They may not keep all of them, but this game is a cash cow for the moment. If they have 8 million subs, I estimate they will lose 5 million within the first 3 months. And another 2 million within 6 months. But they may actually retain a million subs for quite some time. Perhaps a year. Even half a million or 300,000 would be a major victory. Heck, it's a major victory already.

And it's a shell of a game. Not complete by any means. Cryptic stepped in the sheehat by sheer luck.

I'm happy for the collectors, the fans who will dish out hundreds of dollars for toys in the C store. No sarcasm intended. They're collectors. Who am I to deny them their fun?

But it's not good for gaming in general. If this game didn't have the Star Trek Brand on it, it wouldn't get 50,000 subs at launch, and it would quickly fail. As it stands, the game is a great financial success, but as a game it comes way, way short. As a game it fails. As a game it may have succeeded if a 1st rate developer designed it. A third rate developer spending 18 months on an MMO produced a 4th rate game.

What luck.
Yep they "might" rake in the cash here but the $4.50 for both races is a week without a coffee for me and then its back to the java. Skip 2 weeks of coffee for a 12 quest pack on Sigma Iotia II (with gangster clothes included) you bet!.

Yes it is sad that they will be "milking" us to some extent but i am pretty sure that redguardless of how much my they can make t hey will still have to answer to someone about the type of content they have t o offer for free and in expansions