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02-02-2010, 04:29 AM
Originally Posted by Ealdwulf
I've seriously never seen so much complaining in all my years as a gamer for such a paltry sum of money. These are cosmetic items. I expect most cosmetic items to be released in a patch, however these are rarities in the federation. I think if you're gonna have a micro transaction these two races make sense.

Do I like micro transactions, not really. Is the price absurd, also not really.

If you enjoy the game, then play it, if not then adios. I don't know why people say the game isn't complete? Sure it's got a ways to go, but almost every MMO I've ever played (and there's been quite a few) has started with meager beginnings, server issues, bugs galore. Development on a single player game isn't easy, much less an MMO.

What you have to ask yourself is this: "is the core gameplay fun and promising?"

I think so, so I'll stick with it. And if these 1$ micro transactions are the worst thing that happens, then so be it.
I think Klingons were intended to be similar to monster play in Lotro and that not alot of thought went into explaining this to anyone (Please keep in mind i have only been around since open beta). And to some extent i can see their reasoning, but only some. My only hope is that they make good by adding some good Klingon PVE for free before selling it in the Store (assuming thats the way they are going for some content). They may have some of us Trek fans by the balls here but i honestly believe that the nature of the franchise has them by the short and curlys as well.