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02-02-2010, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by Deavane
I understand your point here and all but for some Klingons this is a efficient way of leveling. Some Klingons don't have alot of time on thir hands to spend 5+ hours on here. Honestly if this issue is bugging you and I understand that you said, "No other fleet members were on" go do ground or PVP with your fleet when they're on.

The reason I have heard this is happening is because people want to catch up to the near captains or already captains of the Fed side due to the fine PVE experience they're given.
So your saying its justifyable to ruin anothers experience as long as the **** in question are able to level fast? And as such those who want to enjoy and play space combat should instead avoid it or play as a full team - which then roll feds and get them on the forums crying for nerfs...