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02-02-2010, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by Curs0r View Post
You assume you're the only one to use that sig. I don't have an avatar or a sig because that is pointless fluff I don't give a crap about because all people do with that privilege is post inane and idiotic 1-liners that were stolen from stupid crap to begin with.
Oh, please. *rolls eyes*

I'm the only one I've seen posting with the signature on here lately, so it's obvious that this post was directed at me given your other post berating me in another thread.

Go crawl back into the hole you came from.

If you don't "give a crap" about it--as you so eloquently put it--then why create an entire thread revolving around the subject?

If anyone is making asinine remarks, it's you. Even if the quote was borrowed from another work, it's still Star Trek, regardless of your OPINION on the matter.

But, I get it--you don't like the movie, nor do you like the quote. What do you want? A medal?