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# 1 Klingon Warsong's Idea
02-02-2010, 04:48 AM
As it stands the only Devices that can be used on ships are batteries, I propose the ability to add an ability to this Device slot called "Warsong"


Targets Self
0.5 Sec Activate
5 Min Recharge
+10% All Damage strength for 30 sec
+2% Critical Chance for 30 sec
+10 Critical Severity for 30 sec
+10% Flight Turn Rate strength for 30 sec
This would basicaly be a small buff similar to that of Attack Pattern Alpha that any klingon captain could use...

The long cooldown would garuante that this skill could not be abused and is small enough to not be game breaking but also strong enough to effect the outcome of a battle...

Would also be cool if the crew would actualy sing a battle song aswell during the 30 second buff...

(obviously this is just an example of the stats of this ability and the +'s can be reduced or increased as seen fit by the devs if they decide to impliment this skill)