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In any game with big groups there always comes the problem of blobbing and STO suffers from it too. Though perhaps the devs might consider a solution from an old RTS.

Sins of a Solar Empire had a mechanic that the more ships that attacked a target the less damage it would take from each additional ship until it wasn't cost effective to stack more ships on one target than to pick a new target.

What it meant is that one target wouldn't be instant-popped by a focus fire volley from 100 ships and that it would be better to evenly spread out the fleet to attack multiple ships of the enemy.

I am curious to hear other people's thoughts on if this would be a good addition. I imagine if it was put in they would have to add a little to the UI to tell you how many ships are targeting your target and how much reduced your damage would be attacking someone who has say 5 ships on him already